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Do you have a writing passion for digital marketing, search engine optimization and growth of the business? If yes, you are in the right place. We, at Guest Post World, are accepting unique and engaging guest posts from real writer/authors. We only consider quality work and welcome voluntary blog posts and articles.

We always consider new authors who wish to write for us.  We would like to go through your brilliant idea. If you want to have an entirely new opinion about an already prevalent idea then we are happy to allow you to write for us.

Digital Marketing experts, SEO professionals, and entrepreneurs can share their knowledge and opinions with our audience.

DigitalUdit is focused on digital marketing, SEO, SMO and other subjects that promote business growth. We give a great opportunity to Digital marketing bloggers and would like to have a discussion about your extraordinary ideas that you can share on our platform, which offer some vital insights and details about the industry to our readers.

It is very crucial to understand that quality and unique content for any blog drives more traffic. So, if you write a worthy article for DigitalUdit, which could drive traffic, it will also help you increase your blog or website visitors. This is the main motive behind why you should write quality articles.

Topics We Cover For Guest Post (Write For Us):

We cover topics related to digital marketing including but not limited to:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Google Algorithm Updates (Preferable)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Reputation Management (Preferable)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • PPC
  • E-commerce Business (Preferable)
  • Website Analytics and Google Analytics (Preferable)
  • Website Design and Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (Preferable)
  • Small Business Marketing (Preferable)

What Do We Publish?

  • We consider how-to-articles, researched articles, trends, case studies, latest news, listicles, tips & tricks that include relevant information to educate our readers.
  • We welcome writings from industry experts. You can send your writings about anything related to the digital marketing domain.
  • We also publish infographics.

How to Write Your Guest Post?

Your content should follow the following structure:

  • Begin with a brief introductory paragraph that comprises of maximum 5 to 6 sentences.
  • Concentrate on the main content instead of elaborating unwanted or irrelevant information
  • Must add Final Words or Conclusion
  • Don’t forget to use header tags, write short paragraphs, usually up to 3 sentences in a paragraph for easy readability.

Remember, our objective is to give useful insights and details to our audiences.


Guest Post & Write For Us Guidelines

Check out the guidelines mentioned below you would have to follow to make your content approved by DigitalUdit:

  • The content of an article must be relevant to our blog niche. We always expect a well-written post on the topic which we have mentioned above.
  • Your article should be informative, interesting and user-centric rather than search engine centric.
  • We aim to provide valuable information to our audience which helps them to grow their digital marketing skills and keeping them updated with the latest trends and updates.
  • Your article should be in the first person.
  • The length of the article is one of the important factors. We always look for articles having 1000 words approximately and that should be relevant. We believe that longer, more in-depth posts do well with our audience. Use Proper Headings, Subheadings,  and Paragraph.
  • The article should be engaging and should always make people to read the entire content of the article. Use anecdotes and examples to clarify your points. Link the relevant resources. Be a tutorial and/or case study based
  • You can make use of the links (Nofollow) but take care of the thing that it should be completely relevant to the content.
  • We don’t think that we need to inform you that the article should be unique and should not have been posted.
  • We allow links to your site within the article. Affiliate links are not allowed they are paid. Don’t add anchor text for your brand or services forcefully. Any link must be natural.
  • DigitalUdit reserved the rights to modified or altered; fully or partial article including content and promotional links in your article.
  • Try to have 1-2 links within the post to other authoritative sources.
  • Please attach the relevant images with the article. We prefer to attach the original image (For example, if you write about bounce rate, take the screenshot of the bounce rate report from Google Analytics). Don’t attach irrelevant and copyright images.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

If you still want to give your contribution for DigitalUdit, convey your idea at mr.ramansingh99@gmail.com and provide the following details:

  • A brief introduction about yourself
  • Submit previous work samples (Not necessary for new writers)
  • Potential suggestions for an article
  • If already-written, attach an article

So, what you are waiting for. Write for us & get great exposure!

Note: We get a lot of requests and inquiries for guest posts. Any requests from spammers are simply ignored. We generally respond within 2-3 days for every email except entries from spammers. In case, you don’t get a revert until 4 business days, kindly send us a reminder/follow up email.


“Mail Us On enquiry@searchguestpost.com”

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